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The current website is published by: SOGEDESCA, (Société de Gestion des services communs du groupe Descours & Cabaud), Société Anonyme au capital de 500 000 euros

Legal Entity Identifier from the local Companies House Register (LEI, DUNS or other 'SIRET' equivalent): N° SIREN : 965 507 684

The director of the site publication: Mehdi ZOUARI, HEAD OF DIGITAL. Phone : 04 72 40 85 85, e-mail :

Website hosting

The host of the site is INFODESCA located at 4, quai des Etroits - 69005 LYON.

For any information, you can contact ecommerce team:


The purpose of this site is to online sales booked to the professionals.

Intellectual property

When accessing our website, you acknowledge and agree that all copyright, trade marks and all other intellectual property rights in all material or content contained within the Website shall remain at all times owned by us. It is strictly prohibited to copy or download all or part of the Website contents, unless we provide prior and express consent.

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